Assistant Product Manager wanted to help growing start up deliver world class digital marketing soft

at Peter Garety Publishing (Anywhere)

Peter Garety Publishing is a software vendor focusing on delivering high quality digital marketing tools for small to medium sized businesses. Over the last 3 years we've grown from a small one-man, one-dev shop to an experienced and highly profitable business.

But there's a problem ...

While our development team has grown to over a dozen, the product team hasn't kept pace and we need to expand.

That's where you come in!

We're looking for smart, enthusiastic and proactive people to join our team and help us continue to deliver the world class software we've become known for.

Skills you absolutely must have -

- Communication (particularly written English) - Your job will be to present the product requirements to the development team and feedback results and discussion to the marketing team. You'll need to ask smart questions and be able to communicate the answers to other people.

- Capable of multi-tasking - Not modern age, attention deficit disorder, jumping from one thing to another every 5 minutes but capable of holding multiple projects in your head in one go.

- Self-motivated - You'll be working remotely and trusted to deliver on your stuff. People will constantly need things from you so if you need someone to watch over your shoulder every 5 minutes, this isn't for you.

- Not technophobic - We don't need you to be a developer or have seriously technical skills but you'll be working with complicated software on a daily basis.

Skills we'd like you to have but aren't in any way essential -

- Experience of working with Wordpress - Many of our applications are delivered as WP plugins or themes. If you know your way around WP or have used it before, we'll consider this a big plus.

- Digital marketing/SEO specifically - Pretty much everything we build involves digital marketing and SEO so any familiarity here would be a big plus.

- User stories - We track all our projects using user stories. If you're familiar with the "As an ACTOR I want FEATURE so that BENEFIT" format, that'd be a definite leg up.

Your responsibilities -

Please note, this is an assistant position and we provide training on how to do absolutely everything on this list!

Your job will be to know everything about the products that you are assigned to.

You'll need to know what marketing want built and help write descriptions for the development team.

Provide feedback to marketing about where that development is at and help resolve issues when stuff isn't possible.

Prove you read the job ad! Make the first line of your application email "I read the job ad!" so we know you did :)

Know the ins and outs of whats currently broken and why (that's right, software ships with bugs, who knew?).

Keep product documentation up-to-date so the wider team can find out as much as possible without having to ask.

Test everything within an inch of it's life to catch as many issues before they go out to our customers.

Still with us?

Fantastic, let me take a moment to explain what we offer in return -

- A team full of smart people to work with and learn from.

- Interesting projects that will challenge you to learn and develop on a daily basis.

- Full support and training from day one. Our current product manager started from ground zero exactly as you will be. We have a proven system to support you as you develop.

- Full time, long term contract. We're not looking to hire you for a few hours or even a few weeks. We want to hire you full time as a permanent member of staff and work with you to develop your skills.

Sounds like what you're looking for? Great.

To apply send your CV/Resume/Cover letter/social media profiles/anything you want to provide that gives us some insight into who you are and why we want you on the team.

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Published at 21 Oct 2014
Expires on 21 Apr 2015
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